Forget about all those expensive boutique push up bras...Women were amazed with what I revealed in my bra busting miracle DVD... You will not learn this anywhere else!

Dear Friend,

Imagine my amazement when a few girls that I did bikini pageants with actually approached me and asked “ Who did your Breast Implant Surgery?”.

At first it was kind of funny and I really didn’t know how to respond to them but I asked myself “Should I play along and act like I did get implants or tell them the truth”.  I finally did decide to tell them the truth only because I couldn’t think of an actual doctor’s name to give them but it was fun while it lasted. Hey, a girl needs a little fun every once in awhile.

The joke was on those who insisted that I had breast implant surgery when backstage I took off my bikini top and showed my breasts in the flesh (I had to prove that I was natural and silicone-free).

They were really taken back to see my actual size not to mention that having a child and breast feeding can really do a number on your breasts. A little embarrassing for me, but the message was delivered! 

I am natural, just using a special system I created called "Bra Mechanics!"

I wanted something that I can use on my terms. What I mean is if I just wanted a little boost I can do that. If I wanted to really pour it on with my cleavage popping out of my top to gain an edge in my competitions and photo shoots I can do that as well.

Then, when it's time to workout and train hard without cumbersome breasts in the way viola! back to natural me with a good supportive athletic bra. I'm in control of the desired look that I want!

So after two years of trial and error and getting the right "Look", I created a technique that gives you the desired look for any situation and I show it all in my new easy to learn DVD called..

Bra Mechanics: Supercharge Your Bust-Line!

What this DVD is NOT about...

Selling you on painful and expensive breast implant surgery
Use of Gimmicky creams and potions
Breast enhancing pills
Silicon inserts

Revealed in this DVD for the first time...

The #1 mistake every woman does when selecting a push up bra and how you can avoid it.

How to make your breasts as big as you want with the Layering effect.

The pantyhose effect! You'll be kicking yourself and saying why haven't I thought about this before.

Drive the men nuts with this bikini top bra blasting technique!

Pick the perfect bikini top for this system! What swimsuits really enhance your breasts and which ones don't.

And I'm just getting started...

You see Ladies...

It's not about lifting what you have but it's also about adding to what you have ...

The great thing about this system is that not only does it boost and lift your bust line it also adds fullness and roundness to your bust as well. This isn't about cramming your boobs into a bra and getting that fake double boob look that a lot of push ups give you.

The beauty about this system is that it's inexpensive to use. You don't need to buy those outrageously expensive boutique bras anymore. As a matter of fact, your local Wal Mart bra will do the trick. There are a few more inexpensive items that you may want to get but once you get them you don't need any more.

The system is ready to go...

Here are some more golden nuggets of what will be revealed to you in this DVD...

80% of women get their bra size wrong! You'll learn how to do it right. You need to get this right before we even get started..

How to super charge your bust line in a Bra, bikini top, and formal wear

Think you need one of those expensive boutique bras not with my system..You can do my system in any bra that you so desire.

Find out the pros and cons of gel and foam inserts and how to really use them with my layering technique.

Techniques to enhance your breasts even further with simple diet and exercise tips.

Understand that what I reveal to you on this DVD took me two years to perfect.

As a matter of fact, this bra system worked so good that I had to stop showing the girls what I was doing because I was competing against them with my own private technique.

I don't want to mislead or misguide anyone here... I already have something to work with as far as breast size which enhances my cleavage even more when using the Bra Mechanics system. If your bra size is smaller than an A cup, you can still create the illusion of larger breasts with this system, however, cups sizes greater than B work best as far as enhancing your cleavage area.

Here are some more juicy tidbits waiting for you on this DVD..

Learn my formal wear secrets. Apply my system and look fantastic in any cocktail or evening dress.

Think bikini tops are just for the beach..think again. This technique will open doors for endless possibilities.

Ask your friends to go shopping and watch their jaw drop when you discover the everyday casual wear secrets of Bra Mechanics.

Enhance your cleavage even more with this simple trick. Beauty contestants have been doing this for years and you probably haven't even thought about it.

What you must do to really bring the bra mechanics system together. This tip works like gangbusters and I betcha hardly anyone does it. You should do this if you use the Bra Mechanics system or not.

So you may be wondering, what is this
Bra Mechanics System all about ...

Well it's quite easy actually.

It's about creating the illusion of a larger bust line. It's taking what you already have and enhancing it to the next level. It's not just about pushing up your breasts but adding size to them as well. The system will give you a larger and more rounded fuller appearance.

I perfected this by playing around with different materials and inserting them in a way that will give you the look of breast implants.

The Problem with Push-Up Bras

You can't get this look with a push up bra because the problem with them is once you put them on that's it . What you have is what you have. They smash your boobs and push them up and it gives you that double boob look. Push Up bras work one way and that is to push up what you have, they don't add size like the Bra Mechanics system does.

What you are looking for is that full natural rounded look and Bra Mechanics allows you to do that. My system allows you to add or take away and make adjustments for your desired look.

If you want just a little boost to go shopping with your girlfriends you can do that. 

If you want to look hot and sexy in a strapless dress, you can do that. 

If you want to get heads turning at the beach, you can do that. 

If you want to look smokin at the gym, you can do that as well.

The point is that my system can adjust for any look at any time. I created this when I do my bikini pageants and then I realized that I can use this all the time and so can you.

All you need to do is watch my video and follow my four easy steps and you'll have the look you really desire in a matter of 9 minutes, give or take a couple of minutes.

Plus, I'm throwing in a guarantee on this DVD as well....

Not only do I guarantee my DVD, but I'am going to take it one step further. I am throwing in some bonuses that will help take you to the next level with your breast enhancing journey.

Bonus 1: Inserting in Bra different view video

In this video I will show you a different view of test driving the Bra Mechanics System. Here you will get a different take on how to enhance your breasts while it's on my body.

Bonus 2: The Bra Mechanics system in a nutshell!

In this uncut video you will see the Bra Mechanics System in all it's glory. This video will also show you another alternative way to apply the bra mechanics system.

Bonus 3: The private Q & A member's area!

I realize that you might have questions about the DVD once you watch it so what I plan to do is have a private member's area that will answer all your questions and will allow other users to see my responses. Not to mention other tips and tricks to enhance your bra mechanics system even more!

So there you have it....

I'm revealing to you for the first time in an easy step-by-step DVD on how I boost, increase, and lift my bust line. This is something that I kept a secret for a very long time and used these techniques for my pageants and swim wear competitions.

Only until other girls were asking me where I got my "implants" did I realize that I stumbled upon something that is truly unique and I did this without surgery, pills, creams, and potions.

Just by using a little imagination and some creative solutions, I was able to create a one shot fix for any woman who wants to look sexy, hot, and totally wants to turn heads. But if you don't want to turn heads and just want a casual boost that will work too.


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P.S. Remember for $19.97 plus $4.97 S&H you have the opportunity to change the way you feel and look about yourself when it comes to a more fuller and bigger bust-line without the use of those expensive push up bras. Order the DVD now and I'll drop it in the mail within 24hrs and you can have it on your doorstep in no time.

P.P.S. I know you are wondering if this is going to work for you but for 20 bucks what do you have to lose and with a money back guarantee this makes this a real no brainer. Plus you'll have me to help and guide you with any of your questions and concerns. This system changed my appearance for the better and it can do it for you as well...Order now! You'll never know if this is going to be the change you've been looking for unless you take action and order.

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